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8.500 Kg. - £19.50/kg.

. 24 months minimum of drying time.

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Quality: Gran Reserva (more info). Trevelez DO Black Label Delicatessen Serrano Ham, Gran Reserva, with 24 months of drying time, the highest quality on serrano ham from Trevelez. It has a delicate taste and it is low salt content (-5% guaranteed). The meat of this Trevelez Serrano Ham is bright red and it includes Infiltrations of muscle fat that are beneficial to the health. No preservatives and no colorants. Certification of each piece.

Breed: The Trevelez DO Serrano Ham is produced from the crosses of the LANDRACE, LARGE-WHITE and DUROC JERSEY breeds. The producers only use female animals and male animals castrated, guaranteeing in this way the highest quality of the product.

Elaboration: The elaboration of this Trevelez DO Serrano Ham is 100% natural and traditional. Preservative free and colorants free. The Regulatory Council controls and guarantees this process.

Quality: Certification of each piece by the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin (DO) "Jamón de Trevélez". Delicatessen, Black Label, Gran Reserva (Grand Reserve).

Habitat: National Park of Sierra Nevada - Granada - Andalucía (Andalusia) - Spain, at an altitude above 5500 ft.

Gluten: Gluten free

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Boneless Trevelez DO Black Label 24 Months Serrano Ham

Boneless Trevelez DO Black Label 24 Months Serrano Ham Delicatessen Gran Reserva, the highest quality. 100% artisanal with 24 months of drying time. 5.0 Kg - £27.30/kg.

Price : £136.50 inc VAT

Trevelez DO Blue Label 17 Months Serrano Ham

Trevelez DO Serrano Ham Blue Label, Gran Reserva, with 17 months of drying time. Elaboration 100% traditional. 7.5 Kg - £18.60/kg.

Price : £139.50 inc VAT

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