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8.000 Kg. - £19.90/kg.

. 20 months minimum of drying time.

Price : £159.20 inc VAT
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Quality: Gran Reserva (more info). Teruel DO Serrano Ham, Gran Reserva, the highest quality on serrano ham from Teruel. Elaboration 100% traditional and natural. A Serrano Ham endorsed by the experience of years dedicated to this work. Intense flavors and authentic taste to Serrano Ham. 20 months of drying time, Gran Reserva (Grand Reserve).

Breed: The Teruel DO is the first Denomination of Origin of Spanish Ham that was created in Spain. It allows crossings between the pig breeds Landrace and Large White for the line of the mother and Duroc for the line of the father. These crossings allow the production of pieces with very low levels of cholesterol.

Elaboration: Elaboration 100% natural and traditional taking advantage of the special climate of the region of Maestrazgo Turolense (Teruel - Aragón - Spain) with cold and dry winds.

Quality: Certification of each piece by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin "Jamón de Teruel". It includes the ENAC certification. Serrano Ham Gran Reserva (Grand Reserve).

Habitat: Teruel - Aragón - Spain, at an altitude above 2600 ft.

Gluten: Gluten free

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Boneless Teruel DO Serrano Ham Gran Reserva

Boneless Teruel DO Serrano Ham Gran Reserva Delicatessen. Elaboration 100% artisanal. The highest quality on serrano ham from Teruel DO. 4.5 Kg - £28.00/kg.

Price : £126.00 inc VAT

Sliced Teruel DO Serrano Ham

Thin slices, cut by hand, in 3 packs of 270 gr (3 x 270 gr each) of our Teruel DO Serrano Ham Gran Reserva.

Price : £43.75 inc VAT

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