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Spanish Chorizo Bellota. With the traditional characteristic taste of this type of product produced by hand. Excellent price-quality ratio. Entirely artisan elaboration. Weighing 1 Kg.

More Info: Handcrafted production using traditional techniques. Origin: Guijuelo (Salamanca - Spain).

Packaging: Vacuum packing, in a piece of 1 kg of weight.

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Spanish Chorizo Pure Bellota

Spanish Chorizo 100% Iberian purebred, Pure Bellota. Flavor very delicate outcome of a totally handcrafted production. Weighing 1 Kg.

Price : £34.60 inc VAT

Traditional Spanish Chorizo

Traditional Spanish Chorizo, traditional Bellota charcuterie very cured and marinated with spices. Weighing 500 gr. approx.

Price : £19.25 inc VAT

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